DDS949 (LCD display) single-phase electronic watt-hour meter, adopts special large-scale integrated circuit and SMT technology, adopts industrial-grade international well-known brand long-life components information display adopts 5+2 digit LCD wide-temperature LCD display, power failure data Without loss, it can accurately measure the single-phase active power in the 50-60Hz AC power grid. The performance meets all the technical requirements of the national standard GBT17215-2002 standard (dEC61036 international standard). It has good reliability, anti-theft, wide load, and low power consumption. , High-precision long-term work does not require meter calibration and strong anti-interference ability.

Basic functions and features:

1. Measure the forward and reverse active power, and the reverse power is measured in the forward direction;

2. Use passive photoelectric isolation technology to output passive electric energy pulse signals, and light-emitting diodes indicate electricity consumption;

3. Good reliability, anti-theft, wide load, low power consumption, high precision and long-term work without meter calibration and strong anti-interference ability;

4. LCD liquid crystal display information, the display is intuitive;

5. This product can add RS485 or infrared communication function according to customer needs.

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