DDSJ949 single-phase electronic anti-theft electric energy meter, using special large-scale integrated metering chip and SMT process technology, adopting industrial-grade international famous brand long-life components, dual-loop current sampling, anti-magnetic calculator. It can accurately measure The single-phase active power in the 50-60Hz AC power grid can effectively prevent one fire, one ground, reverse power theft, and fire-wire shunting. The performance is in line with all the technologies of the national standard GB/T17215-2002 (dEC61036 international standard) It is required to have the characteristics of good reliability, electricity theft prevention, wide load, low power consumption, high precision and long-term no need to calibrate the meter and strong anti-interference ability.

Basic functions and features:

1. Measure the forward and reverse active power, and the reverse power is measured in the forward direction.

2. Use passive photoelectric isolation technology to output passive electric energy pulse signals, and light-emitting diodes indicate electricity consumption.

3. Good reliability, anti-electricity stealing, wide load, low power consumption, high precision and long-term no need for meter calibration and strong anti-interference ability.

4. Effectively prevent one fire to one place, reverse electricity use and fire wire shunting and electricity theft. The light-emitting diodes indicate abnormal electricity use.

5. This product can add RS485 or infrared communication function according to customer needs.

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