DDSF949 single-phase electronic multi-rate watt-hour meter adopts special large-scale integrated circuit and SMT process technology, adopts industrial-grade international well-known brand long-life components, and uses 5+2 digit LCD wide-temperature LCD display for information display to display information Intuitive, data is not lost after power failure. This product is one of the multi-rate watt-hour meters successfully developed in accordance with the relevant national standards. It adopts a hardware clock and can accurately measure the single-phase active power in the 50-60Hz AC power grid by time. Its performance meets the national standard GB/T17215-2002 (idt IEC61036 international standard), GB/T15284-2002, DL/T614-1997 standards related technical requirements. The communication protocol complies with DL/T645-1997 standard requirements. This product is mainly used to implement the power supply system of time-sharing metering. It can realize functions such as remote meter reading. It has the characteristics of good reliability, wide load, low power consumption, high precision and strong anti-interference ability.

Basic functions and features:

1. The electric energy meter accurately measures active electric energy, with four rates of sharp, peak, flat and valley, and 12 time periods.

2. It can store the current, last month and last month's total, peak, peak, flat and valley total power consumption.

3. The hardware clock has high accuracy, plus a clock temperature compensation circuit, with an error of ≤0.5S/d.

4. The RS485 and infrared communication methods realize data setting and reading, and the RS485 interface is electrically isolated from the internal circuit of the electric meter.

5. The life of imported environmentally friendly lithium battery is 10 years.

6. The power failure data is stored for more than 15 years.

7. Maximum demand detection function.

8. Automatic cycle display of various data, with the function of button display.

9. Automatic meter reading day can be set.

10. The power direction is automatically judged, and the reverse power is accumulated in the forward power.

11. The data setting adopts password and programming switch secondary protection, and it automatically records the programming time and number of times.

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