DT(x)s949, DS(x)S949 type three-phase electronic active and reactive power combined watt-hour meter, using special large-scale integrated circuit and SMT process technology, industrial-grade international famous brand long-life components, information display adopts 5+2 Bit LCD wide temperature LCD screen display, power consumption information, grid parameters display intuitively, power failure data will not be lost. This product can accurately measure the three-phase active and reactive power in the 50-60Hz AC grid, measure current, voltage, power factor and other grid parameters, and its performance complies with the international GB/T17215-2002 standard (idt IEC61036 international standard) and GB/T17882 -All technical requirements in the 1999 standard. The main function of this product is to replace two ordinary three-phase meters, measure grid parameters, expand RS485 communication functions, and solve the problem of long-distance meter operation in power supply departments. It has wide load, low energy consumption, high precision and anti-interference ability. Strong characteristics.

Basic functions and features:

1. LCD display:

1) LCD display in turn and cycle: total active power, total reactive power, current active power, reactive power, current value of the grid, voltage value, meter number, bureau number, time, date, lack of phase, current interruption indication, Power factor

2) The wheel display button is used in the power-on state, with the parameter automatic wheel display function, and the wheel display time can be set to 1-255 seconds;

3) With broadcast stop display function, stop display time is 256 seconds;

4) It has a power failure display function. After a power failure, the LCD screen displays the total active and reactive power, and the display time can reach two days.

2. Communication function:

1) The meter has an RS485 interface and an infrared communication interface, which can communicate with a PC or a handheld computer;

2) The RS485 interface is electrically isolated from the inside of the meter;

3) The communication protocol refers to DL/T645-1997;

4) You can use a handheld computer or a PC to read the meter.

3. Output function:

With active and reactive pulse test port output function, the pulse output width is 80ms±20ms.

4. Event recording function:

1) Real-time measurement of A, B, C three-phase voltage, current and total active and reactive power values;

2) Real-time measurement of the combined power factor;

3) It can record the time value of the last 5 times of loss of pressure, the start and end of the current interruption;

4) It can record the cumulative time of the last 5 times of loss of pressure and the cumulative time of the last 5 times of current interruption.

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