DTSD950, DSSD950 three-phase electronic multi-function watt-hour meter, using special large-scale integrated circuit and SMT process technology, industrial-grade international famous brand long-life components, information display with 5+2 digit LCD wide temperature LCD display, power failure data Not lost. This product is successfully developed in accordance with the relevant national technical standards, regulations and the requirements of the majority of users. High-precision and accurate metering of the three-phase active power, reactive four-quadrant power and time-sharing power in the 50-60Hz AC power grid, and an instrument for measuring various power parameters in the power grid. It has the characteristics of high precision, good stability, strong practicability, powerful functions, and convenient operation, reaching a relatively advanced level.

Basic functions and features:

1. Time-sharing measurement of forward active and reverse active energy; time-sharing measurement of forward reactive and reverse reactive energy.

2. Time-sharing measurement of the maximum forward active power demand and the maximum reverse active power demand and the generation time.

3. Measure four-quadrant reactive energy.

4. Real-zime measurement of three-phase voltage, current, power and other effective values; real-time measurement of current frequency and power factor.

5. There are 4 types of rates, 10 daily time slots, 4 time zones, 5 daily time slots and 12 public holidays.

6. Maximum demand cycle 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 can be set.

7. It has the function of infrared meter reading after power failure.

8. Communication with PC through RS485 interface, infrared communication with handheld computer, complete programming setting and meter reading, and complete reading through infrared remote control. RS485 implements internal electrical isolation with lightning protection circuit; dual RS485 communication ports are optional.

9. Event recording function: It has event recording functions such as loss of voltage, loss of current, voltage qualification rate, power outage time, programming time, programming times, demand reset, broadcast time calibration and other events.

10. The parameter wheel display can be realized, the parameters and time of the wheel display can be set in advance, and the order of the parameter wheel display can also be set.

11. The meter has positive active and reactive remote pulse output ports.

12. Power freezing function.

13. Special functions: open cover recording function; load curve recording function; load representative daily hourly active energy recording; time zone end positive active energy freezing function; fault information alarm prompt; overload signal output function.

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