I. Overview:

The power load management terminal is an information collection, processing and real-time monitoring system based on computer application technology, modern communication technology, and power automatic control technology. The power load management terminal integrates power load management and on-site customer service functions. It has advanced technology, complete functions and flexible expansion. It is a new generation of remote monitoring device for power supply companies to monitor user power consumption and improve demand-side management.

Power load management adopts ARM9 high-performance enhanced 32-bit CPU as the intelligent acquisition and execution terminal in the load control and management system. It is widely used in substations, large users, and substations. It can use mobile public network GPRS/CDMA or other communication methods and The remote control command of the power load management master station controls the user's load. The terminal can actively report the user's power consumption parameters, the results of performing load control, and some important information and report management information in the operation of the terminal. The terminal supports data collection of electric energy meters of various protocols. The terminal adopts dot-matrix liquid crystal display, menu-driven, and the operation is simple and intuitive.

2. Basic functions and features:

1. Fully load the end-to-end requirements of the "Power Load Management System Functional Specification" and "General Technical Requirements for Power Load Management System" promulgated by the State Grid Corporation of China, fully realize the "Power Load Management System Data Transmission Regulation-2005", and support DL/ T645-1997 multi-function electric energy meter communication default and various domestic and foreign meter associations in the industry:

2. The CPU uses 32-bit ARM9 series, which has strong real-time computing and processing capabilities. Equipped with a high-performance CPU monitoring chip that does not lose power. The equipment is stable and reliable, and will not lose data in the event of a power failure. It adopts page management technology and is equipped with a large-capacity FLASHROM. It can be used for large-scale data storage.

3. Flexible communication mode: There are more independent serial buses on the terminal, it is easy to connect a variety of functional modules, so that the terminal has better scalability: the communication module can be flexibly configured according to the user's different communication conditions (different plug-ins are optional) It supports wireless network communication methods such as GSM GPRS/CDMA, and has the advantages of fast speed, small working current, and strong anti-interference, so that data transmission has high reliability.

4. The terminal has excellent electromagnetic compatibility performance, can withstand the interference of high-voltage spikes, strong magnetic fields, strong static electricity, and surges that need to be hit, and has a strong temperature adaptive range. Each circuit module adopts software, hardware circuits and watchdog circuits. And reset circuit, the terminal is reliable and easy to maintain.

5. Using three-phase power supply, it can work normally when the phase is missing.

6. The terminal adopts a high-precision real-time clock module without power failure

7. Finally, it has a closed-loop control function, which can set the electric quantity and power fixed value and control mode remotely or locally.

8. With powerful resistance state function, you can modify the equipment parameters in the remote place, and support the online upgrade of the local remote software.

9. Adopt advanced high-speed and high-precision digital sampling technology to realize real-time high-speed electric energy calculation, especially in operating conditions with large load fluctuations and high harmonic content, which can still ensure the accuracy of sampling and electric energy measurement

10. The input and control of pulse volume, rumor volume, and alarm output are all photoelectrically isolated, which has high anti-interference performance.

11. The terminal can read the data of the smart meter through the communication port (RS485 interface, infrared) directly or through a dedicated meter reading module, and supports two or more communication protocols: it can communicate with a variety of meters

12. terminals have strong self-function,

13. Closed design, PVC waterproof and flame-retardant material, wall-mounted structure, lightweight and convenient installation.

14. Abundant hardware and software extension functions, which can meet the requirements of power low-voltage detection in the future

15. Real view time control, factory shutdown control, business report shutdown control and current power floating control and other four power fixed value closed-loop control

16. Realize the closed-loop control of various electric energy fixed value such as monthly electricity energy control, electricity purchase energy control, electricity purchase cost control, reminder alarm and so on.

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