DTZY950DTZY950- ZDTZY950-J three-phase four-wire charge-control smart electric energy meter (hereinafter referred to as electric energy meter) adopts large-scale integrated circuits, applies digital sampling technology, and designs and manufactures electric energy with RS485 communication function according to the power management needs of industrial users The meter is mainly used in a three-phase power grid with a reference frequency of 50 Hz (or 60 Hz), for electric energy metering and power quality monitoring for small and medium-sized industrial and commercial users.

The main function:

It has the function of forward and reverse active power, four-quadrant reactive power measurement, and can set the combined active and combined reactive power accordingly;

It has the function of time-sharing measurement, which can accumulate and store total, peak, peak, flat and valley active energy and reactive energy according to the corresponding time period;

With split-phase active energy measurement function;

Measure the maximum two-way demand, the maximum demand by time period and its occurrence date and time, and store the data with time stamps, with two sets of time zone tables that can be arbitrarily programmed, two sets of time zone tables and 254 public holidays: each set of time zone tables Each has 14 annual time zones: each set of timetables has 8 daily timetables, 14 time periods, and 4 fee rates;

With real-time parameter measurement functions such as voltage, current, power, power factor, current demand, etc.;

With timing, instantaneous, appointment, hourly and daily freezing functions, the freezing data mode word can be set;

With infrared communication, RS485 communication interface;

Electricity fee calculation is completed in the remote electricity sales management system. The electric energy meter can receive the switch issued by the remote electricity sales management system through virtual media such as RS485, allowing closing and ESAM data reading instructions, and the instructions need to pass strict password verification and security recognize;

It has event recording functions such as abnormal voltage, abnormal current, power failure, zero reset, time calibration, programming, open meter cover, open end button cover, etc.;

With load curve recording function, the selected six types of data content can be rolled and recorded according to the time interval set by the user, and the interval time can be set arbitrarily between 1min and 60min.

The DTZY950-Z three-phase fee-controlled intelligent electric energy meter has a standard communication interface, supports hot plugging, supports carrier communication modules of various manufacturers, and realizes the carrier communication requirements of the AMI system for electric energy meters.

The DTZY950-J three-phase fee-controlled smart electric energy meter has a standard communication port, supports hot plugging, supports RF micropower wireless communication modules of various manufacturers, and realizes the RF wireless communication requirements of the AM1 system for the electric energy meter.

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